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1. 能進行與浮式結構相連的立管的靜态和動态分析,立管類型包括頂張力立管(Top Tensioned Riser)、鋼懸鍊線立管(Steel Catenary Riser)、混合立管(Hybrid Riser)、柔性立管(Flexible Riser)和臍帶管(Umbilical);

2. 能進行浮式結構錨泊系統的靜态和動态分析,錨泊方式包括單點系泊、多點系泊及轉


3. 能進行深海各種管線及設備的安裝動态分析,适用範圍包括立管安裝、臍帶管安裝、水下結構吊裝分析等。


  Fully 3D, non-linear, large displacement analysis.

  Consistent and robust modelling of compression and snatching.

  Fully coupled tension, bending and torsion.

  Bend Stiffener / Tapered Stress Joint model generation.

  Rayleigh damping.

  Highly robust and accurate finite element formulation.

  Choice of implicit or explicit time integration methods (only peer group product with this capability).

  Fully coupled vessel/line analysis.

  Flat, 2D profile or 3D seabed surface.

  Linear elastic or non-linear hysteretic soil model.

  Non-isotropic Coulomb friction for a broad range of contact objects.

  Best of class fully interactive GUI.

  System visualisation as either wire frame or shaded view with perspective and hidden line removal.

  Modal analysis.

Contact and clearance analyses.

Fatigue analysis (regular, rainflow and spectral).

Full environmental description including wave spreading.

Vortex induced vibration analysis (VIV) input table.

Parallel processing to take advantage of multi-core and multi-processor hardware.

Wake Interference Modelling (Huse, Blevins, User Specified).

  Automation facilities for parametric, sensitivity and loadcase studies.


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