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The Blast Wall Design and Fixed Platforms Response Calculations

YANG Guo-jing, XU Lian, Tang Qian

(Shanghai Richtech Engineering Co.Ltd, Shanghai, 200233, China)


Abstract: The blast-wall is an effective protective measure to the offshore platforms and it has been widely used to protect offshore facility and human life. This paper discusses the design calculation method of blast wall on offshore fixed platforms and the blast load effects on the overall platform and its response. Based on a set of safety standards proposed by Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the blast wall local strength analysis is applied for the stainless steel blast wall. In addition, a platform in East China Sea is analyzed by using marine engineering calculation software SACS to calculate the nonlinear dynamic response under blast load of the platform. The results provide useful information for the future design of blast wall in offshore platform. 


Key words: blast wall; explosive loads; dynamic load factor; dynamic response;